• Learning is the ultimate human superpower

    How are you using it?

  • Emprendizaje

    The art of learning by undertaking and being an entrepreneur of learning


    When we practice Emprendizaje


    we are responsible and accountable for our own development

    we connect with our own resources

    we see mistakes as opportunities

    we value others and seek to learn with them

    we see problems as challenges


    we understand that change is the only constant

    we coexist with uncertainty and we trust our own processes

    we integrate tools from a variety disciplines


    we work with our hands, minds, and hearts

    we care about people, time and space


    we challenge ourselves, each and every day,

    to walk the talk and be the change we want to see in the world.

  • Emprendizaje is a blend

    Standing on the shoulders of giants,
    our contribution is in the way we design and implement ideas

    We are inspired by the ideas of

    Social Constructivism (Vigotsky)
    Communities of Practice (Lave & Wenger)
    Experiential Learning (Kolb, Dewey)
    Expansive and Discovery Learning (Engeström, Bruner)
    Organizational Learning (Senge, Nonaka & Takeuchi)
    Transformational Learning (Mezirow)
    Biology of Learning (Maturana, Gardner)
    Positive Psychology (Csíkszentmihályi, Seligman, Fredrickson, Lahti)
    Comprehensive Approach (Graves, Beck, Wilber)
    Theory U (Scharmer)
    Mindset (Dweck)

    We apply resources from

    Team Coaching (Tiimiakatemia)
    Generative Dialogue (Isaacs & Bohm)
    Participative Leadership (Art of Hosting)
    Psychological Profiles (Big Five, Hartman, Learning Styles)
    Team Motivations (Belbin, Lencioni)
    Communication and Feedback (Rosenberg, Bandler & Grinder))
    Mediation and Negotiation (Ury, Acland)
    Design Thinking (DLab Stanford, IDEO, Business Generation Model)
    Lean Business (Eric Ries)
    Appreciative Inquiry (David Cooperrider)
    Theory of Change and Adoption of Innovations (Rogers)




  • We generate Emprendizaje spirit in public and private organizations as well as in NGOs

  • High Impact Learning

    Unleash your superpower.